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Drive through Nativity

By Pastor Tom Anderson

Should churches try to connect with their community? Is it essential that believers should share their faith with the world? If so, how do you personally do this? A wonderful thing has happened at Thrive Church. We call it the drive-through Nativity. We are known by people in our neighborhood as “the church that has the drive-through Nativity.” That reputation is one we can rejoice in! That is a connection worth keeping!

Each year this effort brings hundreds of carloads to our campus. People learn about Jesus. People learn where our church is. People get invited to Christmas Eve services. People get cookies. It’s a big win for the kingdom of God. I’m really excited to do it again! It’s an all-church project and we need to mobilize everyone. All hands on deck to tell the story of Christmas!

Start praying now for this effort. Sign up to serve. Invite family and friends to join us in serving. We’ll need parking lot attendants, set-up people, fire-builders, cookie bakers, hot chocolate makers, actors, costume wranglers, singers and more. I’m praying we’ll have 300 cars and 1200 people come to experience the Nativity with us! Woo hoo!

The Nativity is set for Sunday evening, December 4. Signup sheets will be up on September 18. I’m praying for 100 of us to get involved to make this happen. It’s one of the most rewarding things we do each year to share the love of Jesus and the hope of Christmas. It’s so awesome to see all the generations of our church working together on this mission!

Do you believe in Christmas? Do you believe in sharing? Committing to serve now will lay the foundation for an excellent event that glorifies God. Let’s all sign our names to the sheets immediately. Camels, sheep, cookies, Jesus and you–what’s not to like?


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