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Easter Update from Our Missionaries

By Bryan and Joan Wussow

(The Wussows serve in mission with Wycliff Bible Translators in Waxhaw, NC. Thrive Church contributes $1000 each year to their support out of our general budget)

Dear Thrive Church,

Greetings in our Lord Jesus as we celebrate His Resurrection Day!

In this painting the good news of the resurrection radiates from the just-opening empty tomb in a mosaic of light. The many bright tiles of the mosaic represent the languages of the world where the light of Christ and the words “He is Risen” have reached people groups in languages that speak to their heart.

The dark tiles in the middle represent all the people groups who are still waiting to have access to God’s Word in a language and form that they can clearly understand.

Pray that the light of Christ will soon be shining on those who have not yet heard. (Art by JAARS Artist Melissa Blank)

Bryan's team is making good progress developing additional requested features in the Story Producer app. Version 3.2 was published in February, and version 3.3 is ready to go out Monday. Peter, our volunteer programmer in the UK, is our primary developer. Further improvements are well underway and need to be completed in April!

Story Producer app enables a group of local language speakers to orally translate a Bible story into their language, and produce Bible story videos they can share.

In May, Lord willing, Bryan will travel to Thailand to participate in the Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation (EMDC), a large conference for anyone involved in language and Scripture media content creation and distribution. You may recall that Bryan was planning to attend the 2020 conference, but that one was canceled as COVID crisis ramped up worldwide. At the conference this year, the SIL International Media Services department will make a presentation to announce the major improvements in the Story Producer app! Bryan will provide training and support during follow-up and training sessions.

Joan's process to receive a dental implant in place of her cracked molar continues to go well. She has been asked to use her creative skills to beautify displays and events at the upcoming JAARS 75th Anniversary Celebration May 12-13 here in Waxhaw.

Please pray with us...

  • Thank God with us for good progress on Story Producer.

  • Pray that we can complete the Story Producer improvements needed by our April deadline, and publish them for the EMDC conference in May.

  • Thank God for good progress in Joan's dental work, and thank Him for already providing the funds needed to complete her implant.(!)

  • Ask God to provide for our financial needs each month. Our income the last 12 months is below 80% of the budget Wycliffe has established for us.

  • Pray that we walk faithfully with God, through the challenges and options before us.

We appreciate your prayer and gifts that enable us to do this work. Thank you for your partnership!

Yours in Christ,

Bryan and Joan Wussow

6960 Old Ridge Rd Waxhaw, NC 28173

call us: 704-843-3304 h

email us:


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