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Letter from our missionaries

Thrive Church supports the Wussows with a $1000 line item from our general budget every year. Your offerings are bringing new Bible translations to peoples all around the world through Wycliffe Bible Translators. Check out the annual video report here:

by Bryan and Joan Wussow

Wow! We've seen unprecedented growth and acceleration over this past year — and you are a part of this growth! Thank you for partnering with us in God’s global mission: making his name known among the nations so that all people can encounter him, through Scripture in their language.

Wycliffe’s mission is to serve with the global body of Christ to advance Bible translation and work together so people can encounter God through his Word.

A few updates from us:

  • Bryan's second cataract surgery November 30th went fine, and has healed up well. He is now enjoying much brighter vision. His focus is good at 'intermediate' distance — he'll get assistance from eyeglasses for some driving and some reading.

  • Joan's process to receive a dental implant in place of her cracked molar is underway and going well. Last week the implant anchor was placed.

  • Final testing of Story Producer app version 3.2 found a bug and a design issue that has held up Bryan's team. We are grateful to have isolated these issues, and Peter has now fixed the bug.

  • Story Producer app enables a group of local language speakers to orally translate a Bible story into their language and produce Bible story videos they can share.

Please pray with us...

  • Thank God with us for successful cataract surgeries for both of us, good progress on Joan's dental implant, and God's provision. Pray for a good completion for Joan.

  • Pray that Bryan can finalize the remaining software issue so we can make the public beta release of Story Producer app version 3.2. Ask God to guide our thoughts — we need His wisdom on setting goals for an April version, and on how to best promote the app to people who can benefit from using it.

  • Ask God to provide for our financial needs each month. Our income the last 12 months is below 80% of the budget Wycliffe has established for us.

  • Pray that we walk faithfully with God, through the challenges and options before us.

We appreciate so much your prayer and gifts that enable us to do this work.

Yours in Christ,

Bryan and Joan Wussow

6960 Old Ridge Rd

Waxhaw, NC 28173

call us: 704-843-3304 h

email us:


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