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Nine ways to create a more meaningful Easter

By Pastor Tom Anderson

Lent, Holy Week and Easter are the most powerful events in Christian life. Yet quickly it all is overwhelmed by eggs, bunnies, and over-sugared children. Many adults are completely unaware why we celebrate these days. The following ways are for you to discover or rediscover the beauty and power of these events as the most important days in history. Easter is the pivotal event in the relationship between God and human beings.

  1. If you are unfamiliar with why Easter is celebrated, read Luke 23:1 to 24:7

  2. Pull away from eggs, candy and chicks for a moment and spend some time considering what God has done for you. Find a quiet place. Go for a walk. Focus on what was done for you.

  3. Instead of chocolate, give each of your children a cross–either a necklace, wall cross or a bracelet. Spend some time explaining the meaning of the cross to them. Tell them about sin, sacrifice, forgiveness and new life.

  4. Bake cookies and take them to neighbors and friends.

  5. Come to see our Children’s Easter pageant on April 10.

  6. Read the story of Holy Communion and come as a family to our Holy Thursday service on April 14.

  7. Read the story of the Crucifixion with your kids and come to our Good Friday drama “Eyes on the Cross” April 15.

  8. Rent or borrow the movie Risen and watch it with your family.

  9. RSVP now to attend our Easter breakfast from 8:30 to 10:30 AM April 17.

Overcome Easter apathy. Gather your family with other Christians to commemorate these momentous historical events. Spring is a season of change and new life. Encourage a spiritual awakening in your household!


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