"Thrive Church" Proposed Name Change FAQ

When did this whole idea of changing our church name come about?

The idea has actually been discussed on and off for nearly twenty years. For various reasons, the timing never seemed right. In November/December 2018, the church actually took a survey of the congregation and gathered name ideas. Once again, the timing didn't seem right.

What makes the timing right now?

During the pandemic we had to figure out new ways to worship and do ministry. With the roll out of vaccines, the opening of schools and businesses and the increase in gathering allowances, now is a great time for thinking about what's next. There is also the promise and excitement of being debt free. Due to age and weathering, there is a need for new signage on both Livingston Road and M59. Before we invest in new signage, it’s appropriate to consider and come to consensus on a potential new name for the church. A new name does not change our current denominational affiliation which remains United Methodist.

Why can't we just wait for the coming separation of the United Methodist Church before making a change to our name?

Our current signs are in need of replacement now. The name of our church is a separate issue from denominational affiliation. The point of a new name is to draw our members together around a central value of our vision statement—Thrive—and to inspire us to live into that value. Secondly it speaks to unchurched households in our area in a positive and accessible way thus enhancing our outreach and appeal. Choosing a name and rebranding our church is a positive, proactive choice to identify ourselves and reach out to others. It’s the name we choose that speaks most to outsiders telling them something of who we are and what we offer them. A denominational label does not accomplish this purpose.

The name we're hearing is Thrive Church, a United Methodist Congregation. Who came up with that and how did that name rise above other names?

A multi-generational/gender team of 10 was assembled and tasked with the process of prayer, discussion (which included worksheets, research, and combing through an extensive list of name suggestions), and then presenting their recommendation to the church leadership team (called the FAST team). Their presentation took place on Tuesday, March 2nd in the Worship Center. Thrive was the name they recommended based on the above as well as our mission and vision and what we seek for ourselves as well as others – a thriving life in Christ. It's a name that gives us the opportunity to share with others about what it means. Connect. Grow. Serve. Experience Life with Us. What kind of life is that? A thriving life!

Will Thrive Church be our new name?

That has not been decided yet. The FAST team is in prayer and seeking input from others regarding the name. They will meet again on March 23rd at 7pm in the Worship Center for further discussion and a possible decision. The meeting is open to the congregation.