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What's Missing at Thrive?

By Pastor Tom Anderson

A new Thrive missions team is forming. Their task will be to teach the church about our many projects and outreach efforts. They will persuade our members to engage and support our ministries.They will cast the vision for a church that serves our neighborhood and reaches out to the poor and needy in the name of Jesus Christ. I’d like to convene and launch this team this spring. I want them ready to work with the new leadership coming to Thrive in coordinating the missionary efforts of our church. Interested in serving? Feel a call from God? Contact me! Let’s all be in prayer for a group to champion missions at Thrive!

Did you know?

  • Over the last 8 years we’ve built approximately 15 houses for families in Rio Bravo?

  • In the last 8 years we’ve served over 500 meals to the homeless in Detroit and Flint?

  • Approximately 100 volunteers each year serve in places like Flint, Detroit, Highland and Rio Bravo?

  • We have “second-mile” missions offering for a specific project each month?

  • We sponsor full time missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators?

  • In the past 8 years we’ve raised over $80,000 for Power Company Kid’s Club in Pontiac and Detroit?

  • We have an established reputation as a community-serving church in Highland Township?

  • Our members give north of 2000 hours of volunteer service hours every year?

The truth is many of our newer members do not know about these projects and opportunities. Many do not know how they can engage. Many have not been personally invited. And in all of this activity do we take the time and do we find the ways we can name the name of Jesus and invite people to faith in Him? A spiritual evaluation is in order.

Some activities are “pre-evangelism”--that is, they help us build relationships with the community and demonstrate our sincerity in caring for our neighbors. Other missions are prominently and unashamedly done in the name of Jesus and his church. How can we help our members become more personally involved as volunteers at Community Sharing, or Power Company or Blessings in a Backpack or joining a missions trip?

Thrive Church can rightly rejoice in a lively mission emphasis over the years. But there is lots of room for evaluation, growth and development. Join me in prayer for a team that can lead us all higher and deeper into our mission!


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