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Thrive Classes

We offer classes throughout the year that help you grow your relationship with Christ. We truly believe Growth is about becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ – one He can use to help transform the world. If you’re interested in growing your understanding or spirituality, contact Pastor Tom for more information.  please contact the church office at 248-887-1311 or email us at

Christianity 101: Discover the Christian Life

This is an introduction to basic Christianity, and the life and ministry of Thrive Church. This is good for seekers, new-comers and those wanting wishing to brush up on the basics. Lunch included, childcare available upon request.


Christianity 201: Spiritual Maturity

Seeking spiritual maturity we'll dig deep into the 10 Commandments and the Lord's Prayer. Knowing the moral law of God and how to pray are the foundations of the Christian life. No prerequisites for this class. Anyone interested can join come! You'll need a Bible, a teachable spirit and a smile.


Christianity 301: Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

This is six-session Biblical study that will empower you to discover your spiritual gifts, personal style and God-given passion for serving in the body of Christ.


Christianity 401: Discovering a Life that Matters

Does your life have purpose and meaning? Are you connected to God’s purpose for your life? Are you a disciple who makes disciples? This 4-session class will focus on Christian mission and witness: The effective Christian life; the victorious Christian life; the Christian’s witness; and caring for new Christians.

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