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Welcome to Thrive Church

We're glad you're here. If you’re new, we understand that can mean a few different things. 


New to our church - You might be a current member from elsewhere, in town for a visit, or even shopping around for a new church. You are welcome here. 


New to the idea of church – Maybe you haven’t been to church in years, or maybe you’ve never been to church. We welcome you here with no expectations. If you choose, we can help you thrive in your faith.


New in thinking – You may be seeking answers or maybe you’re not sure what you need, but you know you need something new in your life. We welcome you here, and we’ll connect with you in the way you need or want.


What to Expect | Your First Visit | Message Us

What to Expect

Here you’ll find everyday people who want to be better and do better. We find we can thrive together when we’re rooted in our ability to: 

  • Connect through worship, prayer and fellowship in our daily lives​

  • Grow in spirit and in truth; and,

  • Serve using our gifts, talents and treasures to make a difference in the church and the world around us


What’s a Service Like?

We sing. We worship. We laugh. We rejoice. We have a band and service starts with music and ends with music. We’re a Bible-based church and apply scripture to relevant and everyday life. Our members have opportunities to share stories and experiences where God has touched or changed their hearts. 


On the last Sunday of each month, we celebrate communion. Everyone is welcome to participate, including children. If you’re not comfortable participating yet, that’s ok too.


Social Hour

Between services, we have a social hour with coffee and snacks where you can gather to chat with family and friends, meet others, or talk with the Pastor. 


Our Congregation Size

We are a mid-sized church. Our congregation is growing. However, we aren’t striving to be a megachurch. (Mega churches are great, but that’s not our goal) Over the last 100 years, we’ve cultivated a warm & friendly community both in-person & online. Our size is intentional. Your presence matters, and we see you.  


Childcare & Kids Church

We offer childcare & kid’s church for infants through 5th grade during both Sunday in-person services. Safety and security is incredibly important to us so we use the KidCheck System. Check-in takes place at the Family Life Center entrance at the left side of the building. If you’d like to begin the process prior to coming to church, you can go here to sign-up. Click here for more on kids' church and student services.


Our Facilities

Well, there’s no way else to say it - We’re built for kids & youth! We have a large Family Life Center with a gym and multiple meeting spaces where we hold a variety of student, group and family activities. 


What to wear?

Clothes are required. What that means is up to you. We’re a causal congregation. Most wear jeans. Some dress up. It’s what makes you comfortable.  


What Denomination is Thrive Church?

We are a Bible-based Global Methodist Church. If you'd like to know more about the Global Methodist Church denomination, please visit here.


What Bible Translation Do We Use?

We use a few different versions, like the English Standard Version (ESV) New International Version (NIV) and New Living Testament (NLT).  You’re welcome to use any translation that makes the most sense to you in your understanding. And, if you’ve never read the Bible or don’t have one – that’s ok! Stop by our Welcome Desk and pick one up as our free gift to you.


What do you do besides worship service?

Connecting with our members beyond worship service is so important! That’s why we have several ongoing activities for kids, students, young adults, groups and families. And we have several events throughout the year. 

Beliefs  |  Values  |  Mission & Vision

Your First Visit

No matter if it’s your first visit or your 100th visit, we’ll always greet you at the door of our worship center, located at the right-side entrance of the building. Here, you’ll find our Welcome Center where you can talk to members, learn about our church & activities, or grab a coffee. 


We know for some, a first-time church visit can be overwhelming. While others may feel more comfortable and want to do their own “check it out” thing. For this reason, we like to accommodate you with a few different options. 

  1. Before your visit, you can reach out to us and we’ll talk and plan you’re your visit 

  2. Show up, come to the Welcome Center and we’ll show tell you about Thrive and show you around

  3. Show up, and do your own thing at your own pace 


What we won’t do is ask new visitors to stand up or raise your hand during service. We know that can be uncomfortable for some. But, if you want us to introduce you to the congregation, let us know and we’re happy to do so!

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