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Meet The Thrive Church Team


Tom Anderson


Pastor Tom loves to fish, hike, and be with people!  We asked him where we could find him on an average Saturday and he said in the canoe with fishing rod in hand!

Sue loves to camp and call people on the phone! Sometimes she does both at the same time!

Untitled design (5).png

Bridgette loves to read, read and read some more! She's got two kids who are likely running around the church. And she loves cake, cupcakes, cookies and pretty much anything baked! 

Children's Ministry Director

Sue Cole

Communications Director

Bridgette Moscoso

Office Administrator

Pam Haskell

Pam is a kayak enthusiast and has a knack of finding the best deal in town! She loves her husband and 2 kids!


Randy is a music enthusiast and plays just about anything. He loves his family and his guitar! 

Christy is a huge baseball fan and loves all things sports! She's worked with Thrive Kids for more than 10 years! 

Worship Director

Randy Pellett

Nursery Coordinator

Christy Powell

FAST TEAM: Thrive Church's Governing Body

The Finance, Administration, Staff-Parish and Trustees (FAST) team is the single-board governance for Thrive Church. Members are nominated and elected at our yearly church conference. Finance, Trustees and Staff-Parish serve three year terms. Click here to view the 2023 Roster.


Meetings are held monthly on the fourth Tuesdays at 7pm and are open to members and friends of the church. Bring your ministry ideas here and participate in our planning. 

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