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A Way Forward | Choosing Our Future

In March, Thrive Church will have three all-church meetings where we'll hear from a representative from the United Methodist Church (UMC), as well as the Global Methodist Church (GMC). Then on March 19th we'll hold a Church Conference where Thrive Church members will choose the future direction of our church moving. Pastor Tom explains more in the video below.


Meeting Schedule:

March 5th at 4pm: Rev. Luann Rourke speaks on why to stay with the UMC.

March 12th at 4pm: Rev. Michael Sawicki speaks on why to join the GMC.

March 19th at 4pm: Church Conference: Membership vote on disaffiliation from UMC and joining GMC.

More information and video resources are below.

Video Resources

The Coming Separation

Video 1: A message from Bishop Bard and Michigan conference leaders. (approximately 20 minutes) Note: this video is somewhat dated as it was released before the General Conference was canceled and the “Liberation Methodist Connection” disbanded. However, there is still good information and relevant information here. 

Video 2 The United Methodist Church is divided and dividing with Rev. Rob Renfroe. (roughly 12 minutes)

Video 1

Video 2

Differences Regarding the Bible & Jesus 

Video 3: Differences concerning the Bible with Rev. Rob Renfroe. (about 15 minutes)

Video 4: Differences regarding Jesus with Rev. Rob Renfroe. (approximately 16 minutes)

Video 3

Video 4

Session 3: Oct. 9 | Differences Regarding Sexuality & Why Split Now
Together, we'll watch the below two videos and follow with discussion. 

Video 5: Differences regarding sexuality with Rev. Rob Renfroe. (approximately 16 minutes)

Video 6: Why it's time for a split with Rev. Rob Renfroe. (roughly 14 minutes)

Video 5

Video 6

Where Should We Go?

Video 7: Where should we go with Rev. Rob Renfroe.? (approximately 14 minutes)


Video 7

Questions, Concerns or Comments
If you have any questions concerns or comments you'd like to share privately, please email Pastor Tom at or call him at 248.887.1311.


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