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A Way Forward | The Separation of the United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church or the Global Methodist Church? Thrive Church, along with many other churches, are faced with this difficult decision. First, why split? What are the reasons behind the separation? And why do we need to choose? Why not leave things as they are? 

It’s imperative our church members deeply understand the options, as the future direction of our church is in your hands. In the near future, you'll be asked to vote on the direction we take. You will determine our way forward. Only registered church members will be given the opportunity to vote. If you're unsure of your status, please contact Pastor Tom.

SUNDAY INFO SESSIONS | September 25 - October 16

7pm - 8:30pm; in-person & online

We're offering Four Info Sessions to inform you on the reasons for separation and will present information from the viewpoints of both the Global Methodist Church and United Methodist Church.

During these sessions, we'll watch videos from our Bishop Bard and Michigan Conference leaders as well as
Rev. Rob Renfroe, a Global Methodist advocate, pastor, and president of Good News Magazine.


Pastor Tom Anderson will facilitate discussion in each session. Our purpose is to inform Thrive members, listen to one another, and pray about the direction of our congregation. A membership survey will follow the completion of this series.

You may attend in-person at the church or online using this Zoom link. All videos we'll watch as a group are included below. We suggest watching them all in one day but understand you may not have the time to do that.

Info Session Schedule

Session 1: Sept. 25 | The Coming Separation
Together, we'll watch two videos and follow with discussion.

Video 1: A message from Bishop Bard and Michigan conference leaders. (approximately 20 minutes) Note: this video is somewhat dated as it was released before the General Conference was canceled and the “Liberation Methodist Connection” disbanded. However, there is still good information and relevant information here. 

Video 2 The United Methodist Church is divided and dividing with Rev. Rob Renfroe. (roughly 12 minutes)

Video 1

Video 2

Session 2: Oct. 2 | Differences Regarding the Bible & Jesus 
During this session, we'll watch these two videos, followed by discussion.

Video 3: Differences concerning the Bible with Rev. Rob Renfroe. (about 15 minutes)

Video 4: Differences regarding Jesus with Rev. Rob Renfroe. (approximately 16 minutes)

Video 3

Video 4

Session 3: Oct. 9 | Differences Regarding Sexuality & Why Split Now
Together, we'll watch the below two videos and follow with discussion. 

Video 5: Differences regarding sexuality with Rev. Rob Renfroe. (approximately 16 minutes)

Video 6: Why it's time for a split with Rev. Rob Renfroe. (roughly 14 minutes)

Video 5

Video 6

Session 4: Oct. 16 | Where Should We Go?
We'll watch the final video, have some open and constructive discussion, and conclude with a confidential survey with the direction you believe our church should go.

Video 7: Where should we go with Rev. Rob Renfroe.? (approximately 14 minutes)


Video 7

Questions, Concerns or Comments
If you have any questions concerns or comments you'd like to share privately, please email Pastor Tom at


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