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7 Ways to Share Easter With Your Kids

By Pastor Tom Anderson

1. Get’em into our Children’s Easter pageant! Practice starts this Sunday during Thrive Kids. Or just bring them to the pageant on April 2 at 4 PM. If you don’t have children, come and borrow ours! We’re going to get a solo from Vivian and a duet from the Phillips girls and our own Sylas Anderson will play the role of Jesus. It will be a blast for the whole family. Come early, we're hoping for a full house.

2. Bring them for breakfast on Easter Sunday morning in the gym 8:30-10:30 AM. There’ll be lots of good food by Gary’s Catering and a fun learning program with Thrive Kids at 9:30.

3. Order Resurrection Eggs here for $20. Resurrection Eggs allow for children to engage with the story of Easter and grow in understanding the gospel of Christ in a fun and engaging way. Have an Easter egg hunt at home: Send your children on a hunt inside or outside your home that will lead them to lasting treasure—the true story of Easter.

4. Easter dinner table decorations: Create an Easter centerpiece with a basket filled with Resurrection Eggs. Ask everyone at the table to open an egg, as they open them, discuss what’s in the egg and correlate it to the resurrection.

5. Long-distance loved ones: If your grandchildren live elsewhere, send them a set of Resurrection Eggs, and have one at your home, too. Then, using either Skype or FaceTime, go through the set together.

6. Dessert fun: Bake circular sugar cookies and number them 1 – 12. After dinner, give everyone a numbered cookie. Then ask them to open the Resurrection Egg that matches their particular number and to read the accompanying story.

7. Driving to school: Use Resurrection Eggs as you drive your kids (or a carpool of kids) to school. Begin several days before Easter; ask a younger child to open the egg and describe its contents. Then ask an older child to read the story that goes with it.

I’m looking forward to a very special Easter Celebration this coming April 9. Invite your friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors to join us. Text them. Email them. Call them. Meet them for coffee and ask them. If you worship online, be sure to like, share and subscribe to our livestream. To God be the glory!


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