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Camp Lego coming to Thrive this summer!

by Renee Zwick

Thrive Church will host "Camp Lego" July 7-10.  It will be a fun and action-packed learning time centered on Legos. We're looking for youth and adult volunteers to help us with this gospel outreach to our community. Please contact Sue Cole at or me, Renée Zwick at . I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

As the pastor search committee has been surveying what is most important to the congregation going forward, I have heard many people express a desire to see our ministry to youth and families grow. You have expressed that growing the youth ministry of our church is important and now I would like to present how you can be a part of that. 

This summer, we will be hosting CAMP LEGO as a summer outreach to our community.  When the apostle Paul said, “ A man reaps what he sows,” he was talking about sacrificing self and serving others.  Camp Lego is an opportunity to sow into the life of our church but it also comes with a promise that as you do that, you will reap a personal blessing.

Would you consider joining our team as we serve the community, especially the children of our community?  

Camp Lego will include 4 distinct events, 2 of which are not limited to children because after all no one is too old to play with Legos:

On Sunday, July 7, we will be hosting a Lego Gallery. Persons of any age can enter. There will be prizes and refreshments.  We need the following volunteers who will…

  • help with setting up Lego themed decorations. 

  • set up and provide hospitality to those participants who are entering their creations.

On Monday, July 8 and Tuesday, July 9, We will be hosting Camp Lego for students going into K- 5th grade. We need…

  • adults and youth to join the drama team which will perform each day.

  • adults and youth to lead activities.

  • adults who will lead discussions about the Bible lesson for the day.

(Adults must have completed ministry with minors training with Thrive Church.)

On Wednesday night, July 10, we will be hosting a kind of Lego challenge for teams for all ages. There will be refreshments and prizes.  We need… 

  • groups/teams to participate and invite.

  • people to provide hospitality.

  • people to tear down after the event.

Keep in mind, our most important objective for each of these events is to share the Good News of Jesus. 

A couple more things, I would like to request of you– Donations of Legos. In Leviticus, we are told, “A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to the Lord; it is holy to the Lord.” I realize that your Legos are very precious to you, but would you consider giving a tenth of your Legos? Or go on FB marketplace and see if there are any going for cheap near your home? We are going to need a boatload of them! There is a bin in the Lobby of church in which you can place your Lego donations.  

And finally, we are going to need prizes. Would you reach out to local businesses and request that they donate gift certificates or other appropriate items? 

You’ve heard the phrase, “Build it and they will come”. There may not be a more appropriate saying for this CAMP LEGO adventure. Will you help “Build it” so that we can share the hope of Jesus with the people in our community and beyond?


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