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Class 401: Living a Life that Matters

By Pastor Tom Anderson

Our strategy to make disciples of Jesus Christ centers on offering 4 core classes to teach the basics of Christian life and faith. We start with Class 101 Discover the Christian Life. Then Class 201 is Spiritual Maturity; Class 301 is on Discovering My Ministry and Class 401 is called Living A Life that Matters.

I want to invite you to sign up now for Class 401 which begins Sunday evening October 15 from 6 PM to 7:30 PM for three Sunday evenings.

This class is for every Christian who wants to know Jesus Christ better and wants to share Him with others. When you became a Christian, He gave you new life by the power of His Spirit in you. It is the knowing and sharing of this new life that this course is designed to strengthen. All followers of Jesus Christ can benefit from sharing together in this class.

Topics include: The effective Christian life; the victorious Christian life, the Christian’s witness and the follow-up and the care of new Christians. This course will equip each of us to effectively share our faith. Our study book is Christian Life and Witness from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Come prepared to take notes. Many scriptural references will be given and these should be useful later. Plan to be faithful in completing your homework each week. This will involve a short Bible study, a project related to the lesson and new Bible verses to memorize. Think of how you might apply each lesson to your own life and then pass it on to others the truths, principles, suggestions and materials you receive. In this way, you will learn to make practical use of them in your life first and then to invest your life in others. Investing in others–that is the key to living a life that matters!

You can sign up by the welcome center or at our website or just talk to me! I’m looking forwards to seeing you there!


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