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Grateful to be a part of this Church Family!

by Brian and Karie Saunders

It's no secret. Opening ourselves up to love opens us up to hurt. Love takes compromise and sacrifice. But, oh, when we take time to think about all the good things of love, it far outweighs the risks involved.

When we look back over the past 20+ years and think about what this church means to us and our family, we get overwhelmed with sincere gratitude for how blessed we are. The love is real, for sure.

Connect. Grow. Serve. Experience Life with Us. It's not just about being involved in a church. God seems to have taken those simple words and made them a heartbeat for HUMC. The love is definitely real.

All those years ago, we took on debt to build the FLC with only a vision of what God might do. It was a joy to be part of that process. It has remained a joy. So much good has come from it. The love is very real.

The hurt is real too. It's tough giving away money. It's even tough asking for money. It's probably more awkward these days with all that's been going on. Paying off debt isn't like building a new ministry center. But, paying off our debt will give us the ability to move forward in ministry - to connect, grow and serve with even more people, more families, more souls that need what we have to offer.

We'll soon be asked to sacrifice for the cause. Oh, the love from which that sacrifice should come... that love should make all the difference in how we give! We've already done so much together. We can do this too. It's who we are. Let us Finish With Love – love for ourselves and our families, love for the church, for others, for Jesus and His Kingdom work.

Love – the one thing in life that truly matters, because all love blesses us as well as those with whom we share it.

Grateful to be part of this church family!

Brian and Karie Saunders

Gracious God, thank you for loving us so perfectly. We love you too. We thank you for giving us the most beautiful example of what it means to give. We know Your work in us and through us comes from love, gives us love, and offers love to others. What a gift! O Lord, lead each of us to connect and grow and serve (and give) according to Your desire. We are so blessed to be part of this church and Your work. We want to pay off this debt so we can do more with You, so You can do more through us. Help us to finish strong with love. For your glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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