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Read Through the Bible in 2024

By Pastor Tom Anderson

Why should I read the Bible? It is the number one way to grow your personal faith.

Many adults haven’t had much contact with the Bible since their elementary days in Sunday School. For many the only Bible they read is whatever is read on Sundays in church and if they don’t worship regularly, they have no contact at all with the Bible. This leads to a kind of “Bible-free” Christian faith–which is an oxymoron. It’s like having a “wood-free” campfire. Spiritual growth ceases. Spiritual life withers. Christian faith grows cold.

The Bible is the written word of God. God has revealed the answers to life’s greatest questions in the Bible. Where did I come from? Where is the world going? Why is there suffering and war? How can we have justice and peace? What happens when we die? How should we live? How can I overcome? What are the reasons I should go on living? Is there hope? What is love? There are answers in the Bible we need to return to often.

The Bible’s message contradicts the culture around us. It corrects our thinking and convicts us of where we’ve gone wrong. It introduces us to our Savior, Jesus Christ. It leads us in living a Christian life. It is the voice of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Get yourself a good modern English translation such as the New Living Translation, New International translation or the English Standard Translation. Often you can find these in study Bible editions with book introductions and explanatory notes.

Resolve on a reading program that will take you through the Bible in this new year. You’ll be stronger in your faith by the end of the year. You’ll grow in holiness of heart and life. You won’t want to stop or live a “Bible-free” life again.

Here’s 3 excellent programs you can download, print and keep in your Bible as you read through the year. I highly recommend you use a paper-and-ink Bible. It will increase your awareness and perspective on where you are reading from in the great story of God. (Click on the link to download)

Through the whole Bible. This plan takes you through the whole Bible in a year tracking simultaneously through the main parts of scripture: Old Testament and New Testament.

Book at a time. This plan takes you through one Biblical book at a time alternating between Old Testament and New.

New Testament 5x5. This plan takes you through the entire New Testament in one year. Five days of reading each week, one chapter a day. Great for beginners or busy people!


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