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Dear Thrive Church Family,

We believe this is a time of great importance in our church’s history. As you may know, Pastor Tom will be retiring this coming spring. In response, a Pastor Search Team has been formed and the search for a new pastor is beginning. This “Search Team” believes that prayer must be at the heart of this process. We’re praying, and ask you to pray as well, using this prayer guide. As you pray, please include church staff, the presiding elder, and the future pastor of our church. We want to build unity and have clear knowledge of God’s will for our future pastor. Also, it is our hope that you involve the children in your home. If our children can understand the power of prayer in their lives now, it will have a profound effect on their lives as adults.

Thank you for praying as we seek God’s path. Also, we thank you for trusting our leadership as we take this task very seriously. We know we’re in need of supernatural discernment.

The Thrive Church Pastor Search Team,
Bonnie Walworth, Glen Betts, Andy Persons, Marc Plizga, Karie Saunders, Dave Schwaninger, and Renee Zwick. Presiding Elder: Rev. Kevin Harbin

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Digital Prayer Guide 


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