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Mission to Flint

By Pastor Tom Anderson

Jeff Johnson is one of the most compassionate men I know. For fifteen years he’s been organizing an annual week of mission to needy families in Flint. Jeff is a member of Calvary United Methodist Church in Flint. By day he is a successful contractor. But in his off hours he is a Jesus-loving, people-helping, youth-encouraging angel. In your prayers tonight, ask God’s blessing upon Jeff and his leadership of this great week of hope and service. Flint is the poorest city in the United States by per capita income. And the greatest need is for hope!

On Sunday evening June 19, dozens of youth and young adults–including from Thrive– will descend upon Calvary Church. They’ll roll out their sleeping bags in the sanctuary and Sunday School rooms. They will hold opening worship in the chapel There might also be a pizza or two involved. On Monday morning they’ll be back in the chapel for devotions before breakfast at 7 AM. Then it will be out to their work site–a home somewhere in the neighborhoods of Flint. Some will be painting the whole house. Others might be tearing off shingles for a new roof. Others may be demolishing an old shed or cutting trees and trimming bushes.

They’ll come back exhausted to shower, eat dinner, worship, and play board games together. Adult volunteers–including from Thrive–will help to cook and serve the meals. Then it will be an early bed time so they can do it again the next day. Along the way, the students will not only praise the name of Jesus and hear others testify to their faith but they will act out the love of Jesus to strangers in great need. Friendships will form. There will be smiles and tears. The Holy Spirit will move and guide this great week of love.

Adult helpers are welcome to come up for a day of service. There is still time for interested youth and young adults to register for this mission–see Ben Rhodes immediately.

I remember working on a house some years ago and as people drove by, they would slow down, roll down their car windows and shout at us, “Thank you!” One man walking by saw us painting and he spontaneously burst into reciting 1 Corinthians 13:3 “If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing.” “You people are doing it,” he shouted, “This is love.”


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