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Thrive Groups Return

By Pastor Tom Anderson

What is a Thrive group? It’s a weekly gathering of believers to reflect on scripture and to grow in the application of God’s truth to our personal journey through life. I was blessed to be the leader for one such group last winter. It was enriching to enter into deep discussions of last Sunday’s scripture and encouraging to hear others open up about their personal struggles and God moments in their lives.

A Thrive group is not a class with books, presentations, notes and videos. We do use the Bible each week–so bring one if you come. The curriculum is our lives and the teach is the Holy Spirit. Each week we spent about 20 minutes discussing the scripture from last Sunday. Then we take turns answering questions about our efforts in the Christian life. How am I connecting with God? What am I doing to grow in Christ? How am I serving God and others? When have I felt closest to Christ this week? When have I been tested by failure? How can we help each other in prayer?

Thrive groups engage the heart more than the head. It’s not about theories and philosophies but it’s about where the rubber meets the road. Living the faith in our own circumstances. Here are the commitments of a Thrive Group member:

  • Attend regularly

  • Take responsibility for your faith

  • Turn your cell phone off

  • Share honestly

  • Listen intently without interrupting

  • Everything is confidential

  • Each person gets the opportunity to share

  • No one has all the answers

  • When you’re struggling, be open.

  • Desire and expect to be changed by God’s grace

  • Be open to new group members

We are looking for new group members! Here are your opportunities:

Monday evenings (Zoom) leader: Jenni Cohen

Wednesday evening (in-person) leader Pastor Tom

Wednesday evening (Zoom) leaders: Dan & Julie Crowl

Thursday evening (in-person) leaders: Dick & Sue Cole

Contact any of these leaders for details. Try out our guarantee. Attend a group for 6 weeks. If you don’t like your spiritual growth, you can go back to where you were..

Interested in being a group leader? A three session training is available utilizing the book “The Class Meeting: reclaiming a forgotten small group experience” by Kevin M. Watson. Get in touch with me. Let's grow together!

For more information about Thrive Groups, meeting times and leaders, please call the church at 248-887-1311 or email at


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