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12 Ways to Make Christmas Special in Pandemic

by Pastor Tom Anderson

“Home for Christmas” is a phrase that takes on a very different meaning during this pandemic! The restrictions on gatherings and concern for safety will drive major changes to almost all of our holiday traditions. Do not despair! If ever there was a time for creative and energetic efforts to share the Good News of Great Joy, this would be the year! Instead of lamenting what we can’t do, I want to give you 12 ideas for you and your family to engage for a joy-filled and faithful Advent and Christmas celebration. Connect with your church family in new ways this year!

  1. Centerpiece or ornament. Choose and send a common ornament or table centerpiece to every family member early in the season as a visual reminder of your connection. You can do this with the members of your Bible Study or small group as well. Include elderly neighbors or those you know who live alone.

  2. Deliver individually wrapped candy canes with messages of hope and encouragement to neighbors, friends and church members.

  3. Decorate the outside of your home instead of the inside! Consider moving the tree outside, or a giant advent wreath. Up your game with more lights. Build a nativity scene on your front lawn.

  4. Send out postcards and invites to our Drive-Through Living Nativity. This may be our best public witness to Christ this year. Let’s make sure everyone in the community is invited!

  5. Hand-deliver gift boxes or craft projects to the doorsteps of family, neighbors and friends.

  6. Come to our outdoor Christmas eve carolling and communion service. Bundle up and gather around the bell tower rain or snow, it’s going to happen with whoever comes. Count on Karen and me!

  7. Record yourself or your family singing a favorite Christmas carol then upload it to our Church Facebook group. Let’s have some fun and encourage each other. Wear those ugly Christmas sweaters and ham it up!

  8. Revive the tradition of sending Christmas cards. Send one to every church member!

  9. Print: If you know people who can’t connect to our streaming worship, download and print out a sermon transcript (available at Mail them a copy or hand deliver it.

  10. Encourage children and students to have Netflix watch parties. Choose classic Christmas movies like The Nativity, A Christmas Carol, or It’s a Wonderful Life.

  11. Have a Zoom “coffee hour” or “potluck” after church with friends and family.

  12. Use the HUMC Joy to the World Advent prayer and Bible reading guide with your family. It's available at Daily readings together and instituting the use of an Advent wreath will focus your household on the Gospel message of Christmas.

Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle!


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