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Did I not tell you?

$351,427. That is our miracle—the largest Sunday offering ever taken at Highland United Methodist Church and I daresay this record will stand awhile! Together you have brought glory and honor to Jesus Christ. This is his church. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful Miracle Sunday.

What high school kid in the entire country could have gone to school on Monday morning and said to her teachers, “Over the weekend I raised $351,427 for my church?” Our youth did the heavy lifting to make Miracle Sunday happen. They met. They planned. They wrote. They spoke. They prayed. They testified. They made videos. They set up 160 chairs and tables. They packed 1000 balloons! Special thanks to Michael Stevenson, Brent Cohen, Kayla Leatch, Kaley Plaxton, Shelby Plizga, and Sara Simonich. Thanks also to our adult team members: Dale Leatch, Mark Simonich and Denis and Marcia Stevens. Well done good and faithful servants.

About 160 people joined together in the biggest potluck we’ve had in many a year. We feasted on wonderful pulled pork and sloppy joes, along with everyone’s wonderful contributions. The tables were laden with delicious choices and so were our plates. Thank you everyone!

When the offering was ably announced by Michael the balloons dropped. I won’t soon forget the swarm of kids who gleefully began to pop them. It was better than a 21 gun salute or a Fourth of July fireworks finale. I was smiling so much I had to have water to keep my teeth from drying out! In 34 years of ministry, I’ve never seen anything like it.

In one day we were able to cut our remaining debt almost in half. Our finance team and Administrative council now have the joy of discussing the arrangements for the repayment of our current mortgage with the Michigan Area Loan Fund. We have a few more miles to go in this journey but we can all agree it just got a lot shorter.

Earlier that day, our Praise Team led us all in singing some words that best round out the memory of this remarkable day:

Every praise is to our God

Every word of worship with one accord

Every praise, every praise is to our God

Hallelujah to our God

Glory hallelujah is due our God

Every praise, every praise is to our God.

Connect! Grow! Serve!

Pastor Tom Anderson

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