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Hell Never Obeyed Executive Orders

In the toughest neighborhoods of Pontiac and Detroit where the Power Company Kid's Club serves the drugs are still flowing, gangs still rule the streets, violence persists with 2 children dying in the crossfire in the last month and human trafficking continues. Liquor stores and pot shops are doing a booming business and thousands of children are neglected and hungry. Satan never shut down his operations nor did he enter quarantine.

I am so honored to serve a church that raised over $7000 to support the ministry of the Power Company last Christmas Eve. Their buses are not running and the children are not gathering on their campuses in Pontiac and Detroit but their team is working hard and safe to visit families and deliver food and needed supplies to children. They are demonstrating that Jesus is for real. Weekly online programming continues and they are working on a 6-day a week online program for this summer. In the words of executive director John Gunn, “We remain a full-time mission committed to overcoming obstacles and difficulties with a 'whatever it takes' attitude and God is opening new doors for us continuously.”

This summer will be unforgettable for thousands of children in Pontiac and Detroit for either one of two reasons: A) they will remember being ravaged by hunger, fear, crime and abuse or B) they will never forget the love, salvation, hope, joy and safety you gave them in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you all for your generosity to this vibrant Christian witness! You can watch the weekly programming of the Power Company at You can browse the volunteer opportunities at

Thank you for your prayers for the Power Company. With our partnership we are bringing the message of hope and salvation to neighborhoods of the greatest need. This is the mission of HUMC: to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We are helping to rescue a generation.

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