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A Christmas Eve Miracle?

By Pastor Tom Anderson with help from Rev. John Gunn

At risk children of Pontiac and Detroit need a miracle this Christmas! Will you help us raise $3000 for them on Christmas Eve? The offerings of all 3 services: 5 PM, 7 PM and 11 PM are dedicated to this ministry. You can give online at our website, use the Vanco mobile app or bring a check to Thrive Church on Christmas Eve.

In addition, for every visitor who returns a connect card to our welcome center on Christmas Eve, we will make a $5 donation to the Power Company. This offer has been generously funded by one of our members. Won’t you help us make a Christmas miracle for the children of Pontiac and Detroit?

Rev John Gunn writes from his ministry experience with the Power Company:

When a 6 year old tells you he wants a washing machine for Christmas more than anything else, he is saying that his clothes are dirty and he is deeply embarrassed by his condition.

When a kindergartner is crying uncontrollably after receiving a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift bigger than him and you ask him why and he says between sobs, “I thought we were going to get something to eat” you know that child is experiencing a special kind of hunger.

This is what life is like for hundreds of children served by the Gospel ministry of the Power Company Kids’ Club. These are children who don’t know there are dreams to dream. They don’t know their way out of poverty, addiction, incarceration and early death. We can help the Power Company make a difference! It’s as easy as showing them in a tangible way they are loved, they are important to God, He knows where they live and He wants to know them in a lifelong personal way.

Rev John Gunn shares this re-make of a Christmas poem:

The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and children were weeping

The raw hunger they felt kept them from sleeping

They lay on the floor without blankets or sheets

Shivering with cold from their head to their feet

No stockings were hung by the chimney with care

The house was empty, cold, dark, and bare

No festive lights brightened their room

Tomorrow would bring only more dismal gloom,

They wouldn’t wake to a big Christmas tree

No beautiful gifts for them, you see

Christmas day would be like any other

More cold, more hunger, why even bother?

They awoke Christmas morning discouraged and sullen

Ah, and that’s when Power Company came a callin’

With turkeys and fixins and toys to boot

The children felt like Pirates finding lost loot!

Christmas would be different than what they had thought

And that day they learned their souls had been bought

Not by a baby who on Christmas had come

But by the crucified man He would become

Who rose from the dead and lives evermore

And sent all the food and gifts to their door

They prayed and He entered through the door of their heart

And each child was given a brand-new start

Now they could live free from their sin

A full life of power and victory through Him

They now had the Light of Life burning within them

Their lives were transformed by the God-man from Heaven.

Members and friends of Thrive Church, this Christmas Eve don't just celebrate a miracle, be a part of one!


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