Are you praying for our missionaries?

By Pastor Tom Anderson

Our church supports the work of Bryan and Joan Wussow with Wycliff Bible Translators bringing God’s word to every language on earth. Bryan is working on developing software to aid in translation work including an App called “Our Story.” Here is an update from Bryan and Joan serving in North Carolina:

God answered your prayers and enabled Bryan and the team to work through a growing list of serious bugs that became apparent. We delivered a beta version of Story Producer version 3.0 just in time for a scheduled online training event. Notably:

  • All previous field training on Story Producer was done face-to-face, since its use is very 'hands on'. But with the COVID pandemic, those on-site training sessions had to be cancelled, including the training Bryan was going to help with in Thailand in April.

  • God redeemed the cancellations and helped us to be more creative to pursue online deployment and training of the SP app. In the online event in June, 20 people from all over the world were able to participate. We had folks from Ghana, Senegal, Ethiopia, Uganda, Russia, SE Asia, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, and the US. Some of them were staying up well into the night to learn this tool for creating local Bible story videos.

  • The major feature that Bryan guided and managed for the new SP version 3.0 was a much simpler format of the Bible story templates that the user needs to put on the phone. For the online training it turned out that this simpler format was essential to each online trainee succeeding in setting up their own phone. Using the old complex templates would have been a nightmare.

  • Ask God to supply another Android programmer for SP. We thank Jesus for our recent developer in Indiana, but he was unable to continue volunteering in addition to his job and family.

  • Thank God for Cedarville University senior student programmers who are helping out right now with our next steps.

Bryan and the whole 'Waxhaw' software development team continue to work from home. Actually, the team has been highly productive working from home, making great progress on many of our other software products, too, including Paratext, Scripture App Builder, Scriptoria, Glyssen, Transcelerator, and SayMore. Our JAARS offices await our return (after COVID), but long-term we will continue to operate as a more 'distributed' team.

Early this month the JAARS Campus celebrated Scriptures in many languages that had been published over the past 12 months. Last year (and every past year) the event was an expressive 400-person 90-minute celebration. This year the event was set up for small groups to sign up for a time slot to view the displays and videos, but it was still a heart-warming celebration! Joan helped arrange the 12 display tables beautifully.