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Leadership Weekend at Thrive Church

By Pastor Tom Anderson

How do we reach new people for Christ in our community? What do we need to do to become a disciple-making church? Where are the obstacles that impede the Holy Spirit’s work in our church? How can we remove them?

Chuck and Michelle Schwaninger have been leaders in ministry for three decades. Chuck has served in campus ministry, as a pastor and currently as regional director for Athletes in Action–a ministry of Cru. Michelle has been working for Moody Bible Institute. They’ve been married for 44 years. They have years of experience in teaching Christians to reach out, share the gospel and make disciples. Chuck is no stranger to Thrive Church as he grew up in our pews! You may know his brother, Dave. Many of you fondly remember his mother, Martha who was a precious jewel in our fellowship.

There are approximately 62,000 people in the Huron Valley School district. According to the Barna Research group 31% of Americans feel lost and lonely each day. That translates to more than 19,000 people within a few miles of our church who are feeling lost and lonely right now! We have a gospel message of abundant life that desperately needs to be heard by thousands of people right in our own neighborhood. Yet many have never heard of Jesus except as a swear word.

The opportunity is ripe. The moment for faith sharing is now. The need is great. But if you’re like me you just don’t know how to begin, or where to begin wn it comes to sharing Christian faith. Let’s agree now to figure this out together. Make plans now to come to our leadership weekend September 24-25 and start praying now that God will inspire us and teach us through the sharing of Chuck and Michelle! May God grant us all teachable hearts and daring of the Holy Spirit in making disciples. It’s going to be a very special weekend for our church. I hope you can join us in person or online.


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