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Sharing Jesus on the Silk Road

Guest blog from Mark and Kaycee Thompson who will be preaching at Thrive on October 29

Mark and Kaycee live and serve Jesus along the ancient Silk Road trading route. This was a trading route that stretched from China to Europe. Today this trading route is home to some of the most restricted and hostile countries to the story of Jesus and sadly, many of the people that live in these lands have never had the opportunity to hear the true story of Jesus.

They knew many years ago that God was calling them to serve overseas but did not know where. While they were seeking the Father for the area they should serve in, they both worked as General Managers in the United States. During this season they prepared for overseas by furthering their education in religious studies and worked furiously to pay off university debt of over $120,000. After 8 years they became debt-free, at which time they watched a TV show about the Silk Road that God used to move them to where they live today.

They have lived on the Silk Road for the last three years, where they have learned the language and the cultures of the people. Over these years they have shared the story of Jesus with those that have never heard. They have also began to partner and dream with the national believers in reaching their country.

Mark and Kaycee are back in the states to raise funds for their work. They will be returning to the Silk Road in 2024 to start a business. This business will not only give them a long-term visa to live in the country, but it will create a platform for them to share the story of Jesus more freely. Learn more here. It is their dream that small bodies of believers will be birthed from this business that will expand into the city they call home.

Mark and Kaycee look forward to sharing stories from the Silk Road with you on October 29th.

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