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The Highland Goodfellows

By Pastor Tom Anderson

One of the great features of our community is the Highland Goodfellows. They are a non-profit organization of our Highland Township firefighters. For over 77 years, they have dedicated themselves to help families in our neighborhoods. Some of their projects include installing free smoke detectors in homes without them, assembling Christmas gift baskets for families in need and a year-round emergency assistance fund for area families.

Emergency assistance includes grocery bills, utility bills, rent payments, mortgage payments, car repairs, car payments and more. A $150 yearly limit per family is in place. Those requesting assistance must be Highland Township residents. An online application is available from the Highland Township Fire Department at

Assistant chief Dick Cole administers the program, and he can be reached at the fire station or through the web site. Hundreds of families receive help every year. I am so proud of all our Highland Firefighters not just for their protection but for their active good works in our neighborhood. God bless them all!

Ever wonder what you can do to see more kindness in the world? Do you wish neighbors would step up to help their own neighbors? Then join the Thrive Church Praise Team as they put on a benefit concert and sing-along on Saturday, November 19 at 7 PM. Under the direction of band leader Randy Pellett, the team will present more than an hour of favorite music and heartfelt testimonies from the singers themselves. It will be a great evening of family entertainment followed by refreshments and a free will offering for our beloved Highland Goodfellows.

Want to help families with children this Christmas? Do it on November 20. Want to help a working single mom who needs her car fixed in order to get to work? Do it at Thrive on November 20. Want to help a senior on fixed income who is short on his rent? Join us on November 20! This is a night you can make a difference in your own backyard. Before you sit down to your own Thanksgiving dinner, make sure you help put food on someone else’s table.

It’s a blessing to have good people in our community doing good things for others in need. Let’s get behind the Goodfellows with all the encouragement and support we can muster. Thank you to our Praise Team for leading us in this worthy cause.

What a wonderful time for each of us to reach out to our neighbors and invite them to come and join us. Together we're offering a helping hand to those who need it. Won’t you help us pack the church November 19 with thankful people in support of our firefighters? It’s going to be a great night for God and Highland Township. Don’t miss it and don’t let your neighbors sit at home!


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