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We Are Thrive Church!

This press release was developed by Pastor Tom Anderson in collaboration with our Revival Task Force.

To better reflect who and what we are, Thrive Church is the new name of the former Highland United Methodist Church. Revival services for the community will launch this name with enthusiasm in September.

Rev. Dr. Tara Sutton will speak on September 19 at 9:30 and 11:00 AM. That evening a concert with Randy and Marli Brown is set for 6:30 PM.

Rev. Aaron Robinson speaks on September 26 at 9:30 AM; 11:00 AM and 6:30 PM. Everyone is welcome to come, childcare is available.

The church is located at 680 W. Livingston Rd in Highland. Thrive church has been known as Highland United Methodist since 1968. A name change has been considered for a number of years by church leaders.

The driving motivation is to connect more directly with the community--especially those who do not have a church of their own.

“Jesus came to bring abundant life to the world. The name ‘Thrive Church’ reflects what we offer to everyone.” observes Pastor Tom Anderson, “I’m honored to serve with such energetic, creative and strategic thinking members. We want to live the life Jesus offers and share it with others, this is the meaning of Thrive Church.”

A new logo has been created. A new small group ministry is being developed. New road signs for Livingston Rd and M-59 are planned for the fall. The work of changing over digital and print materials is already underway. Thrive Church remains a United Methodist community of faith. Contributions can be made using either name.

Thrive Church has been serving Highland for over 150 years and change is part of that history. Our name has changed 5 times. Even the location changed in 1980 to the current site at 680 W. Livingston Rd. Through all of these transitions the spiritual vibrancy, mission and outreach to the community has flourished. The congregation continues in active support of Community Sharing, Highland Goodfellows, Highland Elementary and sends mission teams to Detroit, Flint and Mexico.The aim is to thrive in a new generation with a message of Christian faith, hope and love. For more information contact the church at 248-887-1311.


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