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Light a Candle Christmas Eve

By Pastor Tom Anderson

A mother came to the Power Company Kids Club visibly distraught. She poured her heart out to Rev. John Gunn. Her nephew had just been sentenced that week to 31 years in prison for killing a man. He was guilty. Justice was served. She was heartbroken by the situation. She shared the story of her nephew:

At 15 years old, he was a good student with a bright future. He came home from school one day to find his mother’s body–she’d been brutally murdered. He went into a complete tailspin. He had no father to fall back on or help him in any way.

He lost interest in school and became depressed. He began using drugs to escape the emotional pain. One thing led to another and at age 17 he shot and killed a man. He was tried as an adult and got a 31-year prison sentence.

Some people say that poverty causes crime, but the truth is that poverty and crime are the result of a lack of relationships. This young man had lost his closest relationship. His mother’s love, supervision and guidance were what had kept him on the right path in the midst of dire surroundings. Without that relationship, this boy was a rudderless ship in a perfect storm!

God gave the dream of the Power Company gospel ministry for exactly this reason. Everything is based on building relationships. They are in the homes of children and their families every week. The mission is not only to build personal relationships but to bring them into a relationship with Jesus Christ who alone can change their lives and give them hope and a future.

The Power Company Kids Club gives dreams to children who don’t know there are dreams to dream. They are growing up drug free, sexually pure, academically sound, college educated and spiritually grounded.

I am so grateful for the ministry of the Power Company. By supporting them, we are shining the light of God’s love and grace into thousands of children in Pontiac and Detroit. This isn’t about toys or cookies. This is about offering hope and love to children who don’t have any. This is about making a difference for eternity!

Our Christmas Eve offering is for the Power Company. Let’s light a candle in the darkness that surrounds so many children. Let’s have a miracle right in our own backyard. Let’s raise $10,000 for the Power Company at our services Christmas Eve or give online now. Let's be a miracle for the children of Pontiac and Detroit!


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