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Why you should come to our May 7 Simulcast

By Pastor Tom Anderson

The main reason is the speakers! Thrive Church is a host site for More than Conquerors the global gathering of the Wesleyan Covenant Association. The event runs from 9 AM to 3:30 PM and includes a luncheon together. I will be attending the event in person in Indianapolis so Rev. Cliff Schroeder from Holly will be our MC for the day.

On Sunday May 8, I’ll host a q-and-a session about recent events in the United Methodist Church following the second service. We’ll have another on May 15 and again on May 22. A Zoom link will be provided for those who wish to join online.

Spirited and enthusiastic speakers include:

Rev Keith Boyette, president of the Wesleyan Covenant Association. Keith will address recent major events in the United Methodist Church, the launch of the new Global Methodist Church and support for clergy and churches wishing to unite with the new denomination.

Rev Eric Grayson, United Methodist pastor from South Carolina. Erik is a one of many young clergy committed to Scripture, orthodoxy, and the warm-hearted, Wesleyan expression of the Christian faith. He leads a $4million Christian mission to the homeless and addicted.

Rev Stephanie Greenwald, United Methodist pastor from Oklahoma. Greenwald will take as her text for her presentation, Joshua 24.14-15, where Joshua calls the people to remember that it was the Lord who delivered them from bondage and led them to the promised land.

Dr. Matt Hook pastor of Dexter United Methodist Church in Michigan is one of the most effective evangelists in our denomination. “My passions are worship, preaching, singing and music, being pastor not just to our church but to our community,” said Hook. “I take the mission very seriously, but I don’t take myself quite so seriously.”

Mr. Simon Mafunda, a life-long lay leader from Zimbabwe, Africa. As a General Conference delegate, Mafunda has joined with others in the monumental task of helping rank-and-file United Methodists in Africa stay abreast of general church developments/ Nearly 47% of United Methodists hail from Africa.

Dr. Suzanne Nicholson, professor of New Testament at Asbury Seminary. Author of Women in the New Testament: An 8 week Bible Study. She is a scholar deeply committed to the Biblical faith and the Wesleyan vision of salvation.

Rev. Angela Pleasants, pastor, police chaplain and WCA staff member from North Carolina. Focusing on selected verses from Psalm 107, Pleasants will explore how God, time and again, delivered the Israelites from despair when they were a lost and defeated people.

Rev Rob Renfroe, pastor and president of Good News magazine. Widely regarded as one of the best preachers in the denomination, Taking as his text some of the greatest verses from Romans, chapter eight, Renfroe will focus on Paul’s claim that we are only more than conquerors because of God’s love and grace made manifest in Christ Jesus our Lord

Bishop Mark Webb, the episcopal leader in the Upper New York Annual Conference, will bring a meditation to close our day and lead us in the celebration of Holy Communion.

Cost is $15 and includes lunch and snacks. At the close of the day we will worship and celebrate Holy Communion led by Rev. Cliff Schroeder.


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